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Set red blue white 12in Aluminum Alloy Golf Cart Car Rims Wheels & Tires Mounted
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This listing is for a set of (4) LSI Aluminum Alloy Golf Cart Rims and tires mounted

  • Available for most popular Golf Carts
  • Designed to be used as a front and rear wheel assemblies
  • Red, white or blue available
  • -25mm Offset
  • 4/4 Bolt pattern
  • Includes Caps & Lugs
  • Choose from two styles and 4 color patterns
  • Tires: 215mm wide x 35% profile x 12" Rim or 215mm wide x 40% profile x 12" Rim
  • DOT approved
  • 4 ply
  • Please check availability for your specific application and color

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